Darlene Robinson

I was saved at 13, but could not go to church regularly, because we moved every few months.  I graduated from high school at age 17 in Phoenix, Arizona.   I was thrilled to be flying after graduation to Denver, Colorado to see my older sister.  My plans were that after visiting my sister, I intended to enlist in the Air Force, because that was where my older brother was.

After 2 days in Denver, I went swimming with my sister.  I dove into the pool, hitting nothing but the water, but when I surfaced, I was unable to talk or move. My sister called 911 and I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. At the hospital I was given iodine to drink so that the tests to follow could hopefully find the problem.  The tests revealed that I had a massive stroke. I was then put into a freezing unit, laying on one freezer pad and another one on top of me. I was kept asleep most of the time. After a week of this, I was moved to a room, where I finally saw my parents and sister. I was unable to talk or move anything on my right side. I started to blame God for what had happened.  All that I wanted to do was to join the Air Force and later become an actress and now it was gone. I asked God, “Why, Why did you do this to me? You said you would give me whatever I wanted and now all that is gone”.   After I was let out of the hospital, and my parents took me to Florida, I began to realize that this was not God’s doing but Satan. My parents could not afford for me to go to rehab, so I started exercising at home on my own, picking up cans, light weights, etc.  Before the stroke I was right handed, but after, I had to learn to do everything with my left hand, as well as having to learn again to talk.

Time passed and we moved back to Phoenix where I went to Durham Business College and tried to learn accounting. It was there I met Rick. After a couple of weeks, I felt God leading me to marry him. After 3 weeks of going together, we were married.  When Rick and I married, He was Jewish, and I became Jewish so that I could change him.  He soon became a born again Christian. We joined a Baptist church and became active.  We have had a good, God centered life for over 43 years now.

Rick was forced to retire in May 2009 because of physical problems and I had to retire to take care of him, as he could not get dressed, feed himself, take a bath or use the toilet without help. At the end of May, we came up here to be with family so he could have help when he needed it. After seeing a neurosurgeon, Rick was told that without surgery on his neck, he would be paralyzed within 3 months. After surgery, Rick was told he would not get any worse, but he also would never get any better.  But God had a better plan, and Rick has regained most of his strength and God has been helping all of us all our lives.

Praise Jesus to the fullest!