Denise Hendricks

When I was younger I did go to church some and I did have times when I felt the presence of the Lord and I did go to the altar.  From a young age I knew that God was the answer to any problem in my life, but you can know Him as the answer and not give Him your life.  When I was 5 or 6 year old, I was molested by my grandfather and had many other people down through my life to do the same. My life didn’t truly get out of control until my Dad left my Mom for another woman when I was 11. I am not blaming my Dad or any of the times I was molested for my mistakes but they did contribute to my mistakes.  I listened to the devil’s lies that all men couldn’t be trusted and the only way to get them to love you was to give yourself to them.  I had this guy that I had been crazy about all my life and at 12 years old I gave myself to him. I kept down this path of giving myself away and never finding love.  Then at 15 years old, I went to church with my Dad and Step mom and went to the altar and completely gave my life to Jesus. At that time, I was living in Charlotte with my Mom. When I got back home, I was a changed person but I started hanging out with my friends, and didn’t have a church to go to, and my friends didn’t like the new me.  I kept praying and reading my bible at night for awhile but one day I got mad and cussed out my friend and I gave up and went back to doing the same old stuff. I decided I wanted to quit school and my Mom wouldn’t let me quit school while living with her, so I went to live with my Dad where I started going to church.  I was doing pretty good. Then the one that I had given myself to at 12 (I had not quit caring for him), moved in and we had another encounter and out of that I had my son.  Down through the years I would keep doing things like this until God sent me my husband and best friend.  We started going to church together but we still kept struggling. One day, I went to a tent meeting at WOLT and I went to the altar. My walk with God hasn’t been the same since after that day.  There was no more going back. After that experience, I still struggled and in the last few years I’ve had some of the hardest times. But through all this, God has taught me not to listen to the lies of the Devil, which he said, “because you messed up after being saved, you haven’t changed”. God showed me that the devil has held me back from really walking in freedom and really doing all that God put in my heart to do. God showed me he doesn’t condemn me but has forgiven me. Jesus has set me free. Condemnation is from the devil.  If I was the same person I used to be, I would not have been married for 20 years and been faithful.  I would not have been working these past years for the Lord. Now with more excitement than I can explain, I can say that I am a new creation.  I am not who I used to be.