Gerald Wilkie

At a very young age, I experienced a lot of negative influences from the people in my home.  Between the ages of 10 and 12, I started doing the things that I had seen these other people do. Not knowing at that time, what road that influence would lead me down. By the time I was 14 or 15 years old, I was smoking cigarettes, pot and eating acid.  By age 16, I was smoking crack. By age 18, I was using crank on a regular basis.  When I met my wife, I stopped all these things – but still had that desire to use when things didn’t seem to go my way.  The pull to do these drugs finally took a toll. Around age 26, I gave in to that desire once again.  This time was so much worse than any other time.  It escalated into shooting meth almost every day for the next couple of years.  I had lost everything… my wife, my daughter, my home and myself.  I lost down to weigh about 98 pounds, and all I cared about was getting high.  BUT GOD!!!  My wife and daughter had started going to church and praying. God answered their prayers. On April 20 th , 2005 – my JESUS saved me, delivered me and set me free from the meth that had me bound.  No rehab, no meetings, just the power of an Almighty God who took all desires to do those things away from me.  No shakes, no sickness, no withdrawals.  It was like I had never used any drugs.  One year later, God restored my family.  My wife and I have a stronger bond in our marriage than ever before, and my daughter has her daddy back.  In 2009, I answered the call to preach. Now I share with others what the Power of God can do if you turn your life completely over to Jesus Christ.  I serve a God who can do anything!