Glenn Allen “Teddy” Rose

Testimony, through the eyes of others.

The Lord placed a very special man in our church family who touched many people in many different ways. This is just an attempt to show how God’s saving power and grace can take a man of no significance in man’s eyes and use him mightily to touch so many lives.  Through this secondhand testimony, I hope that Teddy’s life and example will give others hope to turn to the Lord for their salvation, deliverance, and strength.  I know if Teddy was with us today he would have shared (which he did share often) his testimony with others. Teddy Rose was born in Washington state on May 5, 1952.   His family moved around.  From his beginning, the devil tried to destroy him.  When he was just an infant, his mother left him in his crib for three days – no food, diaper changes, or care!  His mother’s boss became concerned and went to her apartment where police let him in.  Teddy laid barely whimpering close to death. His mother’s boss and his wife took Teddy and raised him, eventually adopting him. His new father and mother cared for him, but Teddy grew up in a house that did not know the Lord.  His father taught Teddy how to open beer bottles at a young age.  When his adopted mother and father would have parties at their house, Teddy would go through peoples coats and purses stealing perscription drugs to get high on later.  Teddy began a life of drugs, alcohol and partying. He married and they had a beautiful daughter, Rachel Nicole. They moved several times ending up in North Carolina.  When Nicole was 13 years old, Teddy left and divorced his wife.  Teddy rode his motorcycle with his dew rag on his head, earrings in his ears and leather on his body, looking hard and mean, down a road of drunkeness.   Suicidal thoughts plagued him.  He decided to take his life by driving his motorcycle over a bridge.   As he picked up speed and raced towards the guardrail. The Lord had other plans for Teddy.  A dog, from out of no where appeared, causing Teddy to swerve to miss it saving his life.  Teddy decided today wasn’t the day to die.   A friend of his, Chris (“Stumpy”) kept asking Teddy to come to church with him.  Teddy said the first day he woke up sober on Sunday he would go.  He went to a church once before and was told by the pastor not to come back because they did not like the way he looked and was dressed.  So Teddy wasn’t putting much into church.  He went with an attitiude, let’s see what these people will say.  He walked into Words of Life Tabernacle expecting to be escorted out in his dew rag, earrings, and leather.   But when he came in no one asked him to leave, in fact, they welcomed him.  Teddy’s heart was softened and Teddy came to hear more of God’s word.   In April 2004, Teddy gave his life to the Lord.  The Lord saved Teddy and delivered him from drugs and alcohol.  Teddy arose a new creature in Christ.  The Lord put a real compassion for people in his heart.  Teddy joined the music ministry team in 2005 where the Lord anointed Teddy to play the bass. When Teddy played you could see the annointing all over him.  Teddy had a love for the children and encouraged them and went out of his way to give them a hug and say he loved them.  He wanted the children to know the Lord and not follow the path he grew up in.  He shared his testimony with the jr. youth many times at camp where he would cook, homemade meals from scratch because he knew some of the children never had anything but processed food. Teddy helped build the new sanctuary.  He has gone to the drug rehab many times to encourage and give the hope of Jesus to people who were suffering from drugs and alcohol just like he once did by sharing his testimony.  Teddy was not afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus.  He witnessed his prayers being answered with his mother and daughter being saved.  When he became ill, he was a light to the hospital staff. The peace of God covered him and the hope of Jesus shined through him so that others could see and wonder…what does he have?

Teddy talked of the Lord and praised him until the end of this life here on earth on May 16, 2012 when he went to meet his Savior and Lord, JESUS!   He will be missed here by so many but we also rejoice for him and those who strive daily to follow the Lord will see him again in heaven.

Humbly written by Julia Kirschman Murphy