Greg Pippin

I was raised in a loving home that believed in God, but didn’t serve God. My Nanny and Poppa lived right beside us so I saw them every day. They took me to church every Sunday. Then in my early teens my Momma started taking us to West Asheville Assembly of God, where I went until I was about 17 or 18.      I played sports in high school. After resisting the temptation to drink for a long time, I gave in at the homecoming dance. It started with two beers in the parking lot of TC Roberson High School. Not long after that, I was drinking a beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wouldn’t eat until I was ready for bed, because I would lose my taste for the beer. If you have seen me lately, you can tell I’m eating quiet well now. I received a DWI the first night that Karen (my wife) and I went on a date. I had to go to Orange Street Recovery (what I called drunk school) for ten sessions that were two hours long. The counselor came to each one of us. I was the one out of twelve she said that they would see again… and that was fine with me because I wasn’t ready to change.      Then one night my Momma called and told me that my Poppa was in the hospital and wouldn’t make it through the night. He died just a few hours later. I loved my Poppa. He was the most patient man I’ve ever known. The Lord had been dealing with me for about a year before this, but I hadn’t made a choice to serve Him yet. After this night, I knew if I was ever going to see my Poppa again I would have to get it right.      I went to church that following Sunday in January 1994. Before the preaching ever started, my wife and myself were in the altar. I stood up a new man that day – new desires, new cravings and a new hope. No more was I bound by the alcohol. I was totally set free. It has been 17 years and I am still free. What a mighty God we serve!