Janice Anderson

I refused to see the TRUTH…….my choices ended up causing me much grief! Divorces, shattered dreams, I hurt a lot of people, I hurt my kids, I caused a lot of shame to my family, I wasn’t thinking about the ones that were following in my footsteps, I carried a lot of family and friends down the destructive path I had paved for myself! I married young, at age 16 to Ronnie Anderson and was pregnant with our 1 st child 3 months after we got married. Corene Kathleen was born July 7, 1977.  They told us that she had been born without a brain. The proper term for this is hydrocephalic or a water-head baby! I was not going to leave her side for the next 19 months. Yes, she lived for 19 months and past away on February 20, 1979. I got pregnant later that same year with my daughter, Brooke. She was born 6 weeks early on May 29, 1981; she had trouble breathing at first, weighing only 5 lbs., I really had a hard time attaching to her. After 2 days in pediatric ICU I knew I had to face whatever problems she had and love her as my own. I saw that she was going to be ok, and for the most part perfect, I poured my life into hers. Then, I got a 3 rd shift job! I found out quickly that I had lived a sheltered life; I was naive and really had not been exposed to the working world or the atmosphere around people that did not go to church. The longer I worked 3 rd shift, the less I became involved in church or God, and the very things I loved in my life were becoming the very things I despised! So I walked away from all of it! One thing leads to another and soon I was introduced to cocaine; I would spend the next 3 years indulging in cocaine and alcohol. I quit when I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant with my son Jared. THAT WAS HARD, COLD TURKEY QUITTING! I did not understand addiction or the power it had over my life, I knew I did not have a choice, I was pregnant, and that was that. After Jared was born on April 27, 1989 I decided to go back to church and try to get things right, after all, I’d been clean for nearly 9 months! I was in church only 8 months when I got a call that my youngest brother Gary, 10 years younger, was in the hospital and I needed to get there.  From the tests, so far, he had leukemia. This was confirmed on Monday January 22, 1990 and he died on Thursday January 25, 1990 in the Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC. In anger, I turned my back on God! I walked away from church once again, only this time; things would get a lot worse. This time it would be harder drugs and a lot more alcohol to satisfy the emptiness inside. Taking God out of the picture and out of our home, it left the door wide open for satan to come in and within 2 1\2 years Ronnie and I would divorce. I was headed down a road I wish I’d never found. I became very depressed. I started drinking heavily and started using crank, a form of methamphetamine, and later Crystal Meth. My attitude towards life was getting bad…I attempted suicide on March 16, 2004. From the hospital, I was taken to ADATC in the back of a police car! After 3 or 4 days in DETOX, I chose to do the 28-day treatment program. The very first Sunday I was in there, (which happened to be the 3rd Sunday!), I was told they offered a church service that was optional to attend. So I figured I didn’t have anything else to lose. I went not expecting anything from it. I had heard it all and really didn’t care to be there! But I was so taken by the message about HOPE I could hardly wait for the altar call; the pastor prayed with me, this would prove to be the beginning of a new relationship with my Heavenly Father! I surrendered my life back to Jesus that day on March 21, 2004 and I have not been the same since. I know the angels in Heaven sang the Hallelujah chorus that day, then asked God for a very long overdue vacation! I found the church that had come out to the rehab that Sunday, Words of Life Tabernacle in Arden, NC. I am a part of this church and now volunteer with the rehab ministry team, which goes out to ADATC to minister every 2 nd , 3 rd & 4th Sundays. I made a decision to change. I took the wealth of knowledge I gained at the rehab and combined that with turning my will and life completely over to God’s care. That is how I have 7 years of recovery and an awesome relationship with Jesus Christ. HE has restored to me the joy of my salvation!  (read Psalms 23:3, Psalms 51:12) Nothing is impossible with God! As a matter of fact, Ronnie and I remarried on June 10,   2006, after being divorced for 13 years! Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan for each of us, a plan that should give us great hope for our future. (also read Habakkuk 3:19, Philippians 4:13).