Julia Kirschman

This is just one of the many testimonies of what the Lord has done in my life!
Over the years, I have seen the Lord deliver people from so many things; drugs, alcohol, smoking and other addictions. But I had a
different addiction or stronghold and I wanted to be free forever and I knew I could not do this on my own. I needed Jesus because
only He could set me free. You might think what I am about to tell you is a small thing but being set free has changed my li fe.
December 2011, after the Lord starting dealing with me, I ask a sister in Christ to pray and believe with me to be delivered from the
stronghold Satan had on me. This stronghold was being delivered from food addictions. I was using food for comfort, boredom,
stress, and enjoyment. I was destroying my body by not taking care of it. I believed Satan’s lies; that eating this or that was okay
and not going to hurt you, go ahead and enjoy food, don’t exercise, it’s too cold, too hot, you don’t have time, it’s not imp ortant,
excuses, and more! Then the bad feelings would come and the guilt and shame. I have struggled with my weight and self-image
since I was a teenager. I had tried every program and diet. I would do well for a while then slip up. Satan lies to all. People are
eating themselves to death. Satan is destroying people with food and unhealthy lifestyles…he comes to kill, steal and destroy .
Obesity is rampant and no one is recognizing his tricks. I was considered obese by the doctor’s standards and charts. Prais e God, He
opened my eyes! He showed me I was doing the yo-yo diets and programs for all the wrong reasons and I couldn’t change without
the Lord’s help. Also, it wasn’t just about feeling good and being pretty. God showed me our bodies are the dwelling place of God.
WOW! God wants to use me for His work and I need to be prepared, not only knowing His Word, but being physically fit to do His
Work! The Lord taught me to trust in Him and not on my own understanding; I was going to trust Him in this area also. I believe His
Word is True and His Word and promises are for everyone who believes and has faith. God is no respecter of person…If He coul d
deliver all these different people surely He could deliver me. Nothing is too big or small for our God. So this time I was going to
believe God’s Word. I completely surrendered to God and asked Jesus to forgive me and set me free from the mind-set Satan had
on me and from abusing my body through food and lack of exercise; to help me overcome bad eating habits and help me take care
of His Temple. I did not want another diet or exercise program. This was NOT a New Year’s resolution but a life change. I ask Jesus
to show me how to take care of this temple and to please remove all temptations. This time it wasn’t for me but for God. I was
going to take care of His temple. He created me to do His work on earth. I was determined. During the winter revival I did the
Daniel fast (veggies, fruit and nuts and water – no meat, bread, sweets, artificial flavors, etc.) and prayed. God is so good. He
delivered me from the negative feelings about myself, set my mind on Him, and removed ALL temptations (I have not had any
temptations for over 1 year). I don’t have cravings now. He worked out the perfect exercise program. I moved slowly at first, asking
God for wisdom and direction. God told me to walk. I started walking in the woods at work and at the park. I was obeying God. I
was asked to be a part of the summer Junior Youth camp. This was another confirmation and motivation to get in shape for God. I
was determined to be able to run and play with the youth without being out of breath! I was blessed in February with a gym
membership (another story of God’s goodness). He set people and programs in my path to help me. He even blessed me with a
good pair of tennis shoes. I made small changes and kept moving, one step at a time. People see the visible change now but it
started over 18 months ago with a heart and mind change. This past year I went from obese to normal range. I lost 50 pounds
overall. I dropped 4 sizes. On Friday December 16, 2012, I met one of my goals which were to weigh “BC” (before Conard, my son’s
birth). God is so good. Every opportunity I am given I give God all the glory. The Lord has opened doors for me to talk to people
about His goodness. People ask me how I did it and I always say it is because of God not me. Then explain how He has delivered me
and been with me through this whole journey. I want to encourage you not to make another new year’s resolution but to turn to
God with all your struggles. Your help is in the Lord not resolutions. I hope this inspires you to take care of your temple. God wants
us to be healthy. God wants to use us. How can we be used if we are destroying our bodies? I trusted God and started walking
where He wanted me to go. He has brought me so far. The Lord can and will and does deliver and set you free for those who bel ieve.
Surrender, believe, trust and be determined!