Kay Fowler

Mama and Daddy raised us 4 kids in a Christian home.  Daddy wasn’t saved and wouldn’t go to church, but Mama always saw to it that we got there.  Mama’s and Daddy’s morals were very high so there was never a cuss word or drinking in the home.  Mama was a stay-at-home Mom and Daddy was a good provider.  Because we went to church all the time and I was always around Christian people the idea that I was just as lost as the man in the gutter never occurred to me.  I responded to many altar calls because my friends went; but God was not dealing with me yet.  I would eagerly get in the choir on Sunday morning to show off my sun tan standing next to my pale cousin.  I grew up and married my wonderful husband David and we had our daughter Melanie.  It was July of 1975. Melanie was 3 years old playing in the yard.   I was picking green beans in our garden.  Suddenly for the first time in my life the spirit of God began to deal with me.  I heard a voice within say, “He’s coming! He’s coming! Are you ready? Are you ready? He’s coming! He’s coming! Are you ready?”  I began to cry right there in the garden.  I knew I wasn’t ready.  There were things in my life that weren’t right and I was ready to give all to the Lord.  It was Wednesday and I knew if I went to church there would be an altar call and an opportunity to go pray.  That night I couldn’t tell you anything the pastor said, for I was just waiting for that time.  When it came I hurried down the aisle and knelt.  It was to the right of the Bible stand.  I can show you the spot.  I became a brand new creature that night.  All old things passed away and new desires came.  The next morning I began cleaning out my clothes closet.  There were lots of clothes that I wore that were not pleasing to Him and such conviction was on me.  So I gave away all my pants, shorts, short dresses, and bathing suits.  I had always loved country music, but this new person searched the dials for gospel music, and I wanted to hear preaching and testimonies about changed lives. I began to hunger for more of the Lord.  I would go to every altar call – searching.  There was a dear lady at WOLT.  Her name was Sister Glenn.  She pulled me aside and said, “You are searching for the “Blessing, the Baptism.”  Well I didn’t understand.  At that time WOLT was like a Baptist church and we hadn’t had any preaching on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  She urged me to keep seeking and she became my prayer partner for many years. My husband had a traveling job with the government so Melanie and I traveled a lot with him.  We found ourselves in Warner Robbins, GA.  In that city, God introduced me to the mighty infilling of the Holy Ghost (He only told me about it).  He did it by way of a book in a grocery store.  Back in the 70’s you did not find books and especially Christian books in a grocery store around here.   So I was thrilled to find a turn stile of wonderful books.  When we walked into our first grocery store I grabbed a bunch of them for the buggy.  At the checkout I saw one go by that I didn’t remember choosing.  I read it way into the night.  It was “They Speak With Other Tongues” by John Sherrill.  The next morning I hurried to the radio to search the dial to find one of the churches listed in the book.  For I had learned about the gift of God, that it was an infilling of the Holy Ghost, free to all of those that were born again.  And I found it in the Bible. The book also gave a list of churches that believed and preached this belief.  There just happened to be a revival at a Church of God there in that city.  I found the pastor’s number and called him.  He gave directions for me to find his church.  I didn’t receive that night.  In fact, it would be a year of seeking, weeping before Him, and going to every prayer meeting that I would hear about before I had enough faith to receive.  I’ll never forget the day of March 3, 1977 at Richard Hall’s service down on the river in Ashe.  My first time there during service he walked up to me and said, “I see you kneeling and praying at the end of a couch in a living room.  It’s been a long battle, but now I see you standing up and speaking in an unknown tongue.”  I did jump to my feet and instantly there flowed from my tongue an unlearned language.  My life was never the same.  I will just say that the things of this world grew dim and the things of Jesus grew bigger.  Praise His holy name.