Mike Robinson

I  grew  up  in church  and  I  thought  I knew  who  Jesus  was.  I  went  to  a  Seventh  Day  Adventist school and church. I was baptized in 6th grade. So I thought I was going to be alright, I thought I was saved no matter what I did as long as I would ask for forgiveness. Maybe I should have been Baptist. But anyway, I thought I was ok and I was on my way to heaven. I can’t count all the times I have talked about the Lord sitting on the barstool with some other guy who thought he was on his way to heaven too. I don’t know why I started drinking, I don’t know if it was to fit in  or  if  it  was  to  fill  the  void  of  my  brother  moving  away  to  go  to  college.  Anyhow,  I  was  by myself after he left and being a younger brother I looked up to him. Growing up on a ranch can get pretty boring by yourself. So with my brother gone I found some friends to spend time with. It ain’t no fun talking to cows and pigs. The cows look at ya like you’re dumb and the pigs didn’t have very nice things to say. I started smoking when I was 14 and drinking I think at 15 or so. It didn’t  seem  to  be  that  great  of  an  idea  the  next  day,  but  for  some  reason  the  days  kept  on coming. I couldn’t tell you how many times I told the Lord I would never drink again. By the time I was 19 or 20 I was drunk about every night. I would go out for days at a time without coming home, staying at friends houses and having parties for days. When I finally hit the big 21, I hit the  jackpot.  I  found  all  the  clubs  and  bars  in  the  big  cities  like  Tampa  and  Orlando.  Driving about 2 hours to go to these clubs became almost an every weekend thing. I also can’t count how  many  times  I  have  driven  back  from  these  cities  and  don’t  remember  a  thing.  I  would remember leaving and then waking up in bed. I know the Lord has taken care of me my whole life and I know He has some great plans for me because I should have been dead many times over. Wrecking cars  at  high speeds,  I  wrecked  one  four  times  in  a  week.  I  have  wrecked  my motorcycles running from the cops, drunk, thinking I was going to get away. I heard the voice of the Lord for the first time when I was drunk in 2005. I heard Him tell me to put my helmet on three times. Praise God, I finally listened because there is no way I  would have lived through this wreck I had. The side of the helmet was almost scraped off. You would think I would have learned from this, but all I learned was not to drink and drive my bike. No matter what I have ever  done  in  my  life,  I  now  know  the  Lord  took  care  of  me,  He  watched  me  in  my  drunken stupors  when  I  was  helping  the  devil  kill  me.  I  have  moved  all  over  this  country  trying  to  run from  problems  that  seemed  to  follow  me  everywhere  I  went.  I  never  had  to  go  find  trouble because it pretty much knew where I was most of the time. I would go to jail all the time and it always  seemed  to  be  someone  else’s  fault.  I  never  wanted  to  accept  who  I  had  become.  I became the person I said I never would be. A drunken idiot. I hated myself. So I said I would change  when  I  moved  up  to  North  Carolina.  I  wanted  to  run  again  from  who  I  had  become. Some  friends  asked  me  to  move  with  them  here  so  I  did.  Finally,  I  got  away  from  all  the negative people and things. I thought this was what the doctor ordered. But a few months after moving here I was back to doing the same thing I did in Florida. I woke up in jail again on Dec. 17 th , 2007 – after being stunned twice with a taser by the wonderful Hendersonville P.D. – and made a choice. I can be the person the Lord is calling me to be or I can keep on going till I’m dead or in prison. I have been arrested on 11 felonies and about 30 misdemeanors in my adult life and managed to stay out of prison. I cried out to the Lord once again asking for Him to free me  from  this  drinking  thing  that  had  me  bound  so  tightly.  Even  though  I  had  told  the  Lord  I would never drink again and if He would take this headache away – this time it was different. I had never meant ANYTHING  I had ever said as much as I meant it this time. And I have not ever taken another drink. Being around people drinking doesn’t bother me, that’s how I KNOW it was Jesus taking it from me. When I was in that jail cell I also asked the Lord to give me a good woman, and 24 hours after I got out I met Sarah. And when the Lord heard my prayer, He gave  me  the  perfect  one.  Anyone  who  could  put  up  with  MY  family  is  a  prayer  answered indeed. I knew there was something about her, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Good thing too because  Gods  finger  was  on it. We  decided  to  live  together  and  I  can  say  that  was  not what God  intended. We  fought  like  cats and dogs.  She left me  and  I  couldn’t  blame  her.  After she was gone for 2 months or so, and me not being able to see or speak to her (judges orders, yea it  was  that bad) I  got  mad  and  blamed  God  for  all  of  this. How  could  a  God  who  loves us  so much do this to me? I lay in bed and yelled at Him for maybe an hour. I said ok Lord, what do you want me to do? I didn’t know the Lord could text, but right after I said that I got a text that said “He died for you, now live for Him”. And that was it. I made my mind up right then I would do whatever He wanted me to do. I gave up on Sarah and focused on Jesus. The bible says to seek the Lord and He WILL give you the desires of your heart. After I gave everything to Him and I sought Him like never before, He gave me everything I have ever wanted and then some. I just can’t wait to see what’s next.