Pastor Carl Bishop

I was raised in a Christian home by two strict and Godly parents. They taught all of us in our family to live for God.  I learned at a very young age how my Dad was delivered from sin’s stronghold, alcohol, tobacco, and foul language, and sin in general, and he loved God with all his heart.  At the age of 15 my Dad died from the results of an auto accident. During the time of my Dad’s death a preacher told me that God needed my Dad more than I did and the hate for God arose in my heart.  I totally turned my back on anything that had to do with Christ and Christianity.  I married the love of my life, Linda (who still is), at the age of 19, but I didn’t know how to love.   It took about 3 years for me to ruin everything.  Alcohol was destroying me and my family.  Linda was about to take Donald who was about 6 months old and leave me.  But God still loved me! I tried to fix things but couldn’t.  I made promises I couldn’t keep. Only the Lord knows when it’s time.  The closest friend I had growing up came to our home and invited me to church. Out of respect for our friendship, I agreed to go the last night of the revival.  I went that Friday night (August 1977) and Jesus Saved Me!   I began to serve the Lord wherever I could in the church.  Then I heard a preacher preach about being filled with the Holy Ghost.  The Lord filled me with His spirit called me into ministry and the rest is history….