Pat Pippin

Who can estimate the value of one soul? Only God! When I think back over my life, I could tell you a lot of stories, as most of us could: Some happy, some not so happy, and some sad.  But, if I placed them all in a pile I would call it life. The older I get the mellower I have become about life. The things I once thought were most unfair have become my best teachers, and most of these, so called unfair, experiences I brought on myself. By the world’s standards, I haven’t accomplished great things, nevertheless, from the time I can remember; my whole goal in growing up was to become a wife, mother and homemaker.  I had other jobs along the way, but that one job was the hardest, yet the most rewarding because I accomplished my goal. Looking back, I know I came from ordinary hardworking people that had a love for Jesus.  Not all of them, by any means! But we must remember it only takes one.  One sold out Christian that really loves Jesus that can and will make the difference. That person in my life was my Grandpa Coy, my Dad’s father.  He was lovingly called “Poppie”.  They lived on a farm outside a little place called Milford, Missouri, actually, it was two stores and a post office, as I recall.    Dad, Mom and I lived close to them the first three years of my life. Although I don’t remember that time in my life, as they say, we have the pictures, and they surely remembered me! I was their first granddaughter and my grandpa, I thought, was a little partial, to say the least.  Patti, as he always referred to me.  I hope he tried not to be partial, but I didn’t help matters any. I soaked it all up.  For once I felt important. We moved back to North Carolina in 1945, so for the next 14 years, up until I was 17, I saw my Grandpa 2 weeks a year which totals to be a little over 9 months.   Nine months that changed my eternity.  As it turned out, it wasn’t so much how much he loved me, but how much he loved Jesus.  It wasn’t even what he would say to me.  All he really did was ask the blessing especially at breakfast for those two weeks.  Poppie was a crier, and I mean a real crier!  Tears, handkerchief and all that went with it (if you know what I mean). The prayer went on-and-on for a while.  He knew so many people and he had so many requests.  So every morning Grandma would wait patiently then kindly whisper, “Poppie, the eggs are getting cold”.  It wasn’t what he prayed, it was how I felt when he prayed.  I knew it was real and he meant what he prayed, and he knew this Jesus he was talking to, and I knew he would get what he asked for. My whole purpose in reliving this particular story, out of the many, is to remind me most of all, and all of us that somebody’s watching.  Not just when we’re at our best, but, most of all, when we’re just living our everyday life.  After all, that’s who we really are.  We may not be the Holy Spirit, but we are the temple and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit of God- the light of God.  If we keep the temple clean that light will shine through.  It has been said, the eyes are the window to the soul.  So again, I ask who can estimate the value of a soul?  Only God!  To sum this up, what is the great lesson I’ve learned in life so far?  Don’t let your windows get dirty!

My love to all of you,
Pat (Pattie Coy) Pippin