Polly Ballinger

I am an eighty-five year old widow living for and loving the Lord  Jesus Christ. I have been in church all of my life.  I had wonderful parents that taught me by example who took me to church regularly.  I wasn’t always an obedient child; and I remember that I got lots of whippings from my Mom.  Daddy would always give me “talkings” which hurt worse than the whippings.  I never heard my Mom and Daddy fuss. Mom would start fussin at Daddy; but he would say “aw Mom” and start whistling and walk out of the room. That was the end of that.  Before I got married Daddy told me, “Remember Pauline that it takes two to have a fuss.”  I’ve always tried to live by that.  I made lots of professions and thought at times I was saved.  I was in church a lot and went to the altar almost every revival.  I sang in a trio and went to different churches to sing, but there was an emptiness in my heart.  One night I was really under conviction and couldn’t wait for the altar call.  That night I really got saved.  I’ve failed God many times and have made lots of mistakes since then, and I’ve not pleased Him all the time, but my heart’s desire is to please my Savior. I didn’t know anything about the Holy Ghost then.  But I had two precious lady friends that I thought were the happiest people I had ever known.  They just had something that I wanted.  I didn’t know or understand what that something was; they were the first ones that I knew that had the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  It was years later when the Holy Ghost was preached at Words of Life that I began to really desire and to want the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  I’ll never forget that night in Preacher Carl’s tent that I received the baptism and I’ve never been the same since.    God has blessed me all my life, and He has healed me so many times.  I want to mention a couple.  In 1998, I had a bad car wreck.  I pulled out onto 191 in front of a pick-up truck that I didn’t see.  It hit me on the driver’s side.  The car was totaled, but God spared me for a reason.  I do believe in angels because God sent one to take care of me.  He stood in the same place in my room watching over me for the first several days.    One day the heart doctor told me that in about three months I would have to have open heart surgery because he had found a hole in my heart.   After I came home from the hospital I kept thinking about needing this surgery. I knew the same God that took care of me in the wreck could heal my heart.  I remembered the scripture and called for the elders of the church to come and pray for me.  That Sunday the men’s Sunday school class came and prayed for me.  I knew that God had healed me that morning. A while later I went back to the heart doctor.  After they did some tests there in the office, the doctor said “Well, if you had had a hole in your heart it is so small I can’t even see it.” Praise God! He is my healer. I was married to a good man, a good husband and father.  The neighbors thought he was a Christian; but being a good person is not enough.  It takes the blood of Jesus being applied to our heart.  After years of praying, one night God answered our prayers.  God gave him a wake-up call in a vision.  He showed him that he had to make it right that night. He woke me up around 2:00 am and told me that God had just saved his soul and that it was so wonderful.  He was so happy; and a brand new creature.  It was like being married to a different man.  He even looked different.   He went to church the next two Sundays with me and the children.  Our children sang for him that first Sunday and he was so proud of them.  He lived only 39 days after he got saved.  God was so good to let him enjoy church with his family those two weeks.  We had been married 47 years.   God has put it into my heart to pray for the sick,  the hurting, and the lonely people.  I can’t always go to them (except at church) but I can pray at home for them.  I want to be all I can be for the Lord.  He has blessed me so much and has given me a beautiful family: children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  And I know I have the best church family and the very best pastor in the entire world.   I love all of you.