Rick Robinson

I was born and raised Jewish, and often heard the name Jesus Christ at home, but never in the attitude of prayer. Once I got out on my own, I spent a good part of my life working with livestock, working on cattle ranches in Montana, where I became a Saturday night drunk. I woke up one Sunday morning in a hotel room in Dillon, Montana, not knowing how I got there. I looked over at the dresser, and there was a six pack of beer and a half bottle of whiskey there, and I staggered across the room, opened them all and poured them all down the sink. I did not know then what I know now that the Lord was dealing with me, even though I did not at that time know Him. After leaving Montana for a warmer climate, I wound up in Los Angeles, California, working for Audie Murphy as a groom for his race horses at the Los Alamitos race track. Here I became an apprentice jockey and then a jockey, until I got over 120 pounds, and could not keep my weight down. After which I got involved with the rodeo, during which time I started drinking again. After being put in jail for being drunk, I decided that drinking was a no brainer, and again the Lord was dealing with me. In 1969 I met my wife, Darlene, and we moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Florida. Here I became a security officer and in 1972 went to a Baptist church, because a neighbor kept inviting us. We went to get him to quit pestering us. I do not recall what the sermon was about, but do remember that it felt like the sermon was aimed straight at me. It made me look at where I had been, and where I was going if I kept on the same way. So with the realization that I needed to change came the realization that I needed Jesus Christ to fill the emptiness in my life. In 1975 I was freed from tobacco, and since the day that I quit drinking and the day that I quit smoking, I have never desired either one. Darlene and I were having marital problems, which I knew were my fault. The day that I received the Lord, our house became a home where love abides, and though we still make mistakes from time to time, all things are made right, because Christ is the head of this marriage.