Ron Davis

I was around two years old when I would cling to my mother’s neck, while she worked as seamstress. Holding on to her neck, I would sniff empty cigarette packs and cigarette butts.  Now, some sixty years later, I look back, and understand that I was planting a seed that would manifest, smoking three packs of cigarettes a day. Once addicted, I smoked for twenty-five years and the last ten years I tried every conceivable thing I could think, imagine, or try, to quit. I felt nasty, smelled like a smoke stack, and had developed hackers cough. I must have quit a thousand times, only to pick them up a week, day or hour later. But, thanks to God, He spoke to me one day in April, 1992 and told me to “give your cigarette money away”. Five months I confessed that I was going to quit smoking by saying, “come August 25th when I leave for vacation, I will be free of smoking”. Guess what? I took God at his promise, exercised my faith and spoke deliverance into existence. By the way, I did give my cigarette money away. Well, only thirty dollars, but look what I got in return… deliverance, Hallelujah! In 1999, I was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. I had noticed in the winter of 1998 that I was getting continually short of breath. I made an appointment at a pulmonary clinic in Hendersonville, and started physical therapy. The great thing about my doctor there is, he’s a born again, prayer believing, physician. From the very first visit, he has taken the time to have prayer with me no matter how busy his office may be. Wouldn’t it be great if all doctors would take time put God first before medicine? Early January 1999, my therapy visit ended with me being admitted to the hospital. My diagnosis showed I needed a lung transplant. Early May of 1999, I made a visit to Duke University and was informed that they could only perform a lung reduction that would extend my life maybe two years. After consulting with my insurance coordinator, I was given several hospital facilities that could possibly perform a lung transplant. By June of 1999, I was accepted for a lung transplant by the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics of Madison, Wisconsin.  By the second Sunday of September 1999, I received a call that a lung had been found. Within a few hours, a medical jet arrived at the Asheville airport to pick me and my wife, Shawnee up. Praise God, we were on our way. Three hours later, we arrived at the airport in Madison, Wisconsin.  I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, prepped for surgery only to have the doctor come in the room around midnight to tell me that he would not be able to perform the surgery due to the fact that he had to use the lung to save another person’s life. Due to high blood pressure, along with other complications the doctor would not allow me to return to North Carolina, so we had to find accommodations in Madison. God is so good! Every step and decision we had to make, gave us assurance God was in control and leading us throughout this adventure. Even though our trust and confidence was in the Lord, satan still fought to disrupt God’s plan. Every time he would stick up his ugly head to cause havoc, God always intervened. We received reports that prayer was constantly being offered throughout several states as far away as California for my healing and safe return home. A second call came a month later.  A lung had been located in Rockford, Illinois.  However, that lung was torn upon harvesting. The third and final call came on Monday, November 15, 1999, around 4pm in the afternoon. By 7 pm, I was admitted, prepped and ready for surgery. At 9:15pm, I was rolled down to the operating room. Everything was a go. By 7:30 am Nov. 16 th , 1999 God had blessed me with not only one lung as planned, but with two lungs. Even though I was expecting a supernatural healing, God had other plans for me.  He allowed me to minister to other patients at the hospital and even the nurses.  One nurse in particular, came into my room one morning, as I was reading my bible. She asked me what I was reading so that opened the door for me to tell her about the Lord. She quickly let me know she did not believe in God. Every chance I got, I would share God’s word with her. She really wanted to meet this doctor friend; however, things were not working out. Before I left, she allowed me to pray with her. About 6 months after returning home, I received a card from her explaining that she had found “that” doctor, of her dreams. Also, she had received the Lord as her Savior, attending church and was planning to get married.   Every detail fell in place at God’s timing. Not only for me but others also.  He was with me, my wife and family every step of the way. He provided every need and beyond.  I have been so blessed with this lung transplant. God has allowed me to develop a singing ministry along with a testimony to share the good news of deliverance, salvation and love. This November 15, 2011, I will be celebrating 12 years since my transplant. God is not through with me yet. In the last several months, I have had setbacks in other areas, but God is faithful! He is restoring my body, and taking my ministry to a new level. As my wife and I stay committed and faithful, God has shown me that many lives will be changed for His glory. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to share how good God is, and how He will take someone lost and sinful like myself, and change me to be a servant of the Most High.  I give Him all the Glory and Praise.