Roxie O’Shields

My name is Roxie and I want to give my testimony (in part) of where God has brought me from and what he has done for me. First of all, I don’t believe it brings glory to God by going into explicit details of where I was before Jesus saved me. So I’ll just say, aside from being an alcoholic and a pill popper, I was lost, Hopeless and Helpless (yes, with a capital H!) in a cold dark world, in which I adapted to quite well. But Jesus had different plans for me!

On Sunday, April 16, 1983 at about 7:30 PM, I met this man called Jesus. I went to church
that night thinking I was going to be rewarded with a six pack of beer on the way home, but
that didn’t happen (Praise God!). I should mention that I probably would have dressed a
little better had I known I was going to meet the Greatest Loved One I have ever known.
Sure, I had a husband and three children and others that loved me, but not quite like Jesus
does. The love that He presented me with brought deliverance, joy, comfort, and stability to
my life, that others were not able to do for me. From then until this day, His love for me
and mine for Him has been ongoing and going on. He has healed my body on several
occasions. He has worked miracles for me; physically, spiritually and financially, time and
time again. He has delivered me from sin, smoking, pills, alcohol, fear, poverty and much
more, too much to mention on paper. He didn’t just leave those areas empty in my life but
he replaced them with life eternal. He now fixes what is wrong in my body. He replaced my
fear with faith, but most of all, He has given me a heart and a conscience of forgiveness –
which I’ve had to learn and still am learning to walk in. He has restored my health, so I have no repercussions of smoking, drinking or pill popping. He has replaced poverty with
blessings, loneliness with total satisfaction guaranteed, with His promise that He would
never leave me nor forsake me. Today I say with a true heart, I am one of the most blessed people there is. He gives me perfect peace in a world full of utter chaos. Yes, I’m blessed. I Praise Him for His Goodness. His mercy truly does endure forever!