Scott Graham

Let me start by saying I thank God for being raised in church. Even from a small child, God placed people in my life that would give me Godly instruction. Early on, my papaw began instilling in me the importance of serving the Lord. From working in the tomato field to attending revivals with him, there were many life lessons taught along the way. Bro. Carl & Sis. Linda were our youth leaders back then. They taught us not only God’s word, but how serving Him was fun. Even though I may have acted like I wasn’t listening, the Word was sinking in and taking root in my heart.  Along came the teenage years and I thought I could do it alone. At 18 years of age, I moved to Newport News, VA to attend the Apprentice school. It was when I had that “new freedom” that I thought I could do whatever I wanted to. I began to walk further and further from God which led to some of the hardest times of my life. Even then, God would send Bro. Paul Ramsey by, on his way to Delaware, for that Godly nudge. After almost three years in Virginia, I returned home to live with Bro. Carl & Sis. Linda. While living there, that “tug” that I’d been running from finally caught me when I surrendered my life under an orange & white gospel tent at Words of Life in 1992. Bro. Carl’s home was the “local hangout” for several of us boys. While there, we had many nights of Bible devotions. Some nights when Bro. Carl would turn up missing; he could be heard in the basement “praying heaven down.” As Bro. Carl’s “tag along,” I would go with him on his trips up the mountain to his “prayer rock” where we would pray for hours. The presence of the Lord would be so strong I could feel it. I remember watching him preach with fire and speaking “Thus saith the Lord.” One day I realized, “I WANT WHAT HE HAS – THIS IS REAL!” Over the next couple of years, the call to preach began to consume me. While on the lawnmower one day, I caught myself preaching up a storm. Scriptures were coming out as fast as I could speak.   In 1999, I traveled with Bro. Carl to Mississippi for revival with Bro. Ramsey. My intentions were to help wherever I could. While setting up for service one day, Bro. Carl and Bro. Ramsey told me “you have the service tomorrow night.” I fasted, prayed, and studied the entire next day for that night’s service. I was scared to death. I prayed the song service would last all night, but the moment I took the first step on that platform, the peace of God came over me and I knew that preaching His Word was what God called me to do.  The Lord has always been there for me, even when I wasn’t there for Him. He has kept me through numerous car wrecks that should have killed me, replaced a weak heart with a heart of a 27-year old, and removed gout and kidney stones from my body. I have so much to thank Him for. He has blessed me beyond measure.  While reflecting over my life to compile my testimony, I am amazed how God always sent someone by at the right time when He knew I needed Godly direction.