Shelia Moss

I grew up on a big farm in Burnsville, NC.  Both my grandparents were Baptist ministers.  I had a good home with 3 siblings. I can always remember God dealing with me even when I was real young.  A revival meeting was held at our local church.  I said to myself, I want to get saved!  God heard my heart! When the call was made I immediately stepped out and at 14 years of age God saved me and planted a light in my soul that has never gone out.  We moved to Asheville when I was 18 where I met John and 38 years later we still love each other.  We have a son, Matthew and a daughter-in-law. All through my life’s journey I have never been drawn to the dark side.  God not only saved me but God has kept me from giving in to the temptations of drinking, sex, drugs, etc.  and protected me. My flesh and soul cry out for Him daily.  Where would I be without Him? I owe everything to Him.   He is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I can’t wait to see Him!