Wilson Bishop

I want to thank God for saving an old sinner like me.   As a young person, I strayed from my Christian upbringing and did things I knew was wrong.  People told me I could never have things in life that I truly wanted, such as, a family. In 1972, I didn’t realize it was God that gave me a loving wife, which has stuck by me for 40 years.  In 1976, I quit drinking and did not realize that God blessed me again with my daughter, Wendy.  In 1981, he blessed me again with another daughter, Amy.  In 1986, The Sunday before Easter, I had a personal experience with Jesus.  I then realized how truly blessed I was with the family that I always wanted. Over the next few years we strayed from our home church and visited several other churches.  We found none of these churches was our home church.  In 2005, we came back home to Words of Life Tabernacle and made a commitment to do what Jesus wanted me to do.  In 2007, the devil tried to take my life. The doctors found I had heart problems and gave me about 2 months to live.  Again, Jesus came through for me and took the smoking habit from me; a habit of 43 years.  Due to past habits I had to have open heart surgery with a valve replacement.  I stood on my favorite verse, Jeremiah 17:14, “Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for You are my praise.”  After surgery, the doctors said my heart would never be normal but in January 2012 at my yearly checkup, my doctor said my heart is on the way back to normal functions.  I want to thank Jesus for giving me  three beautiful families:  my wife; two daughters and son-in-laws; and the light of my life, Harley, Carson and Reece, my grandchildren.  I also want to thank Jesus for my fire department family.  I currently serve as their chaplain.  I also want to thank Jesus for my wonderful church family.

Once again, thanks Jesus for saving an old sinner like me! A friend in Christ, Wilson Bishop