Ignited For Christ: Prepared for Service

Goals and Objectives:

• Uniting and igniting teenagers in their walk with Christ

• Preparing them for service in their communities

• Imparting values of stewardship and hard work

• Growing tomorrow’s Godly leaders

Teen Explosion is just as it sounds, an explosion of young people on fire for God with one common purpose: winning souls for Christ. This dynamic youth ministry is filled with young men and young ladies that are busy being about our Father’s business. They have a vision to inspire a movement of God that stretches far beyond the four confining walls of our church building and out into the world where they can make a difference in the lives of others.

At Words of Life, we support and encourage our young people and their endeavors. We offer them every opportunity to learn and grow and experience what God has for them.

With dynamic Praise and Worship to contemporary Christian music, object lessons, illustrated and spirit-filled services we strive to prepare these youth to go out into the world and shine their light so that others may come to know and experience the awesomeness of God’s amazing grace and love.

Join us…You won’t leave here like you came in Jesus’ name!